Monday, May 21, 2012

'Kinky' Ebooks Sell Fast

The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is by best-selling author E L James.

'Kinky' Ebooks Sell Fast In Age Of Digital Privacy -- The Telegraph

It's not just Fifty Shades of Grey that is selling fast - erotic novels for women are booming because they can be bought and read away from prying eyes, say publishers.

Sales of erotic novels as e-books are soaring because readers "can get a kinky novel and nobody knows", according to publisher Brenda Knight

The days of furtively buying a saucy tale and hiding it under the copy of a respectable Elizabeth Gaskell novel at the counter are long gone.

With Kindle and Nook allowing for discreet downloading and reading, erotic novels for women are booming. Kensington Books, an American publisher, says its Aphrodisia collection of adult ebooks accounted for 57 per cent of sales in 2011, compared to only two per cent in 2008.

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My Comment: Yup .... sex sells.